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Slow Rate 7 Day Land Application
for Efficient Land Use

Packaged Systems from
10,000 G.P.D. to Over 2 M.G.D.

Wide Range of Pretreatment Options

Patented Process

Subsurface and Surface Drip
Land Applications

Experience based on more than 400 land treatment systems:

* Schools
* Parks
* Golf Courses
* Churches
* Sub-Divisions
* Shopping Centers
* Resorts
* Single Family Residences
* Municipalities

Environmentally Sound
Packaged Filtration and Management Systems for
The Disposal and Treatment of Waste Water

Waste Water Systems, Inc.

Waste Water Systems, Inc.: specializing in the design, build and manufacture of a complete line of "On-Site Management Systems" for the purpose of waste water disposal. These systems are marketed under the trade names of Perc Rite®, Dose-Rite® and Spray Rite®. The unique filtering techniques employed in the Perc Rite®, Dose-Rite® and Spray Rite® Systems will accommodate virtually any type of treatment process. The effluent from the treatment process of choice is discharged through a patented pressure compensating emitter either subsurface or on the surface. For existing or new treatment facilities residential, commercial, industrial or municipal, the Perc Rite®, Dose-Rite® and Spray Rite® On-Site Management Systems can be a viable alternatives to land application techniques (spray) or direct discharge.

WWS Offers:

  • Design Assistance, product specification and full line of pretreatment and on-site management systems.

  • Turn-Key design build projects

  • Total O&M contracts and 24 hour monitoring for our Waste Water Systems.

  • The Community / Central System Concept for waste water collection, treatment and final disposal or reclamation for small and rural communities.

  • A viable alternative to conventional collection systems.

  • WWS concept for alternative small diameter waste water collection systems and the unique Perc Rite®, Dose-Rite® and Spray Rite® On-Site Waste Water Management Systems for soil based final treatment of effluent.

The Perc Rite®, Dose-Rite® and Spray Rite® Central System Concepts when compared to conventional sewer systems can significantly reduce construction costs. The cost savings often exceed 30 percent.

WWS has a simple solution for complicated control requirements. WWS has developed a software package to provide all control functions of the system as well as provide a "Solid State Sentinel" for telemetry of the system to our central system.

Waste Water Systems, Inc.

The pioneer and largest U.S. manufacturer of
"On Site Waste Water Management Systems",
Utilizing Drip Technology

Waste Water Systems, Inc. has the exclusive rights to Patent Nos. 5,200,065 and 5,984,574 in the State of Georgia.

WWS's team of professionals maintain a commitment to provide professional integrity along with state of the art technology.

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